This kind of magnificent family portrait hangs in the gallery appropriated to the orks of the Italian language masters in that unrivalled collection, the Louvre at Paris, france. Its natural beauty as a masterpiece of design is not seen at th initial glance, it is just a picture which requires to be selected Avith attention. It is not by grandeur of the Outlines, nor by the natural beauty of the* colouring, neither by the classiness of the outfit, that this brain fixes the interest of the spectator. It is by expression of deep believed Avhich can be read in those sensitive features, and Avhich Leonardo da Vinci, the greatest from the predecessors of Raffaelle, Avas the first to stand out in representing. It is. unclear whether this portrait is Charles VIII. or of his successor, Louis XII. The artist did not consider up his residence in France, in the invitation of Francis We., until 1515, and only made it through the transform of abode five years, during Avhich he experienced almost continuously from ill health.

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The two monarchs, who it has been meant this portrait may represent, visited Italy, but in the smoothness of inhospitable invaders. Charles VIII. just visited Florence, exactly where Leonardo da Vinci then resided, in 1494, including which period the specialist may include painted his portrait. Charles died in 1498, and though his replacement, beneficiary invaded Italia, in order to carry out his focused designs for the kingdom of Naples, will not appear that he at any time resided at Florence. In addition, he was saved in execration bythe Italians, on account of the disasters Avhich he brought upon their country, the disasters of the storming of Brescia, the terrible execution of Count Avogadro and his two sons for patriotic resistance from the invader, and other atrocities. For all these types of reasons, it truly is much more probable that the symbol is that of Charles VIII. than of his cruel and ambitious heir.

Leonardo weil Vinci might be regarded as the first artist whoof thought and pride of kind. In the phrase of personality, and the only delineation in the affections and emotions, he surpassed every painter who preceded him, and that detracts nothing from his merit to acknoAvledge, that he was excelled in this classy department of art by Raffaelle, who rose into celebrity since Leonardo faded from the stage Avhich he had trod so worthily.

Fuseli thus sums up the personality of Leonardo as a painter The universality of Leonardo da Vinci is become proverbial, yet though held of every factor, he alternatively gave glimpses than a regular of form, though full of energy, he had not really powers effectually to court the various graces he attacked. His collection Avas free of meagreness, and his forms provided volume, but he looks not to have got ever been very much acquainted, in order to have sedulously sought much acquaintance, with the antique. Persona was his favourite analyze, and figure he features often raised from a person to a kinds, and as often depressed to caricature.

The effectiveness of his performance lay inside the delineation ot male heads, those of his females are obligated to repay nearly all their charms to chiaroscuro, that he is the expected inventor, they are seldom even more dis criminated than the kids they bear, they are siblings of one family. Some of the best Avorks of this expert were accomplished eluring his second property in Florencia, Avhich was probably the period when he colored the symbol we have etched. His execution is elaborate and mindful, and he left most of his functions in AAhat he regarded as an incomplete state, although others could see not any defect in them.

In subjects Avhich he undertook to total, he not simply imitated the brightness of the eyes, the roots of the free from meagreness, and his varieties presented amount, but he appears to never have have you ever been much familiarised, or to have sedulously searched for much acquaintance, with the antique. Character was his most liked study, and character he has typically raised via an individual into a species, so that as often frustrated to prêt. The strength of his execution put in the delineation ot guy heads, the ones from his females owe the majority of their charm bracelets to chiaroscuro, of which dr. murphy is the supposed creator, they are hardly ever more discriminated than the children they fondle, they are siblings of one family. Some of the best Avorks of this expert were performed eluring his second residence in Florencia, Avhich was probably the period when he painted the portrait we have engraved.

His setup is complex and careful, and he left a lot of his performs in AAhat he deemed an incomplete state, though others could see not any defect in them. In subjects Avhich he began to full, he not simply imitated the brightness with the eyes, the roots from the hair, the pores from the skin, as well as the conquering of the arteries, but pictured each independent garment each accessory with all the same minuteness. At the same time he led the way to a more enlarged and sensible style, and smoothed the way, so to speak, intended for the appearance of Raffaelle.

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