“a skittle of milk” The metaphor, “skittle of milk, ” is beneficial. The add-on of the fine detail of, “milk, ” is particularly effective. The white shade of the milk reflects the purity and innocent brain of the persona. Highlighting that Duffy is in her children and is unskilled.

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The a comparison of milk wine bottles to skittles is also powerful. It gives out a sensation of video games played at school showcasing how harmless the poet person was. This kind of shows how enjoyable institution was for the persona which helps draw in someone into the poem through these common experiences.

OPINION – Personally I feel that I could connect with this?nternet site am familiar with the primary college environment. I believe Duffy’s make use of the metaphor quite powerful. “The classroom glowed just like a sweetshop. ” The simile, “The class glowed just like a sweetshop, ” is assessing the class, what would be for the child, a colourful place: into a sweetshop. This creates a extremely positive regarding the class room. The word, “glowed, ” provides an impressive very warm, colourful and comfortable atmosphere. It reflects the enthusiasm and delight that appeared on the children’s faces if they entered the space.

They were excited and excited to be generally there. A sweetshop is usually a good option in the world to a child, and being generally there would produce an exhilaration amongst friends. This emphasises how much your children loved being there and just how magnificent this classroom was. OPNION – Reading this simile aroused my own senses fully and let my mind remember how amazing fairly sweet shops actually were since a child, therefore expanding my understanding of how much the young Jean Ann Duffy enjoyed her classroom.

This really is a really brilliant way of attaching with the audience. “Brady and Hindley pale, like the faint, uneasy smudge of a oversight. ” The simile, “Brady and Hindley faded, just like the faint, uneasy smudge of a mistake, ” is very effective. Your child murderers Brady and Hindley were horrifying and pale when they had been alive. During Duffy’s the child years every single child might have been scared of them. Their presence might have been believed due to the extensive media insurance coverage of their criminal activity at the time. By saying, “faded like the weak, uneasy smudge of a problem, ” Duffy is indicating the children could put them to the back of their minds when in the classroom.

This emphasises the nurturing environment, “Mrs Tilscher adored you, ” and the security felt inside the class. Allowing us know the teacher was obviously a very protecting and patient person, making the children truly feel no need to always be insecure or afraid. THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS – This is certainly a very very clear demonstration with the comforting environment many people experience in primary university. It’s the very clever way of featuring how much conviction the persona has the teacher enjoys her, she feels welcome and important. “Laugh of a bell” The personification of the bells emphasises the positive experience the narrator has of school.

The words, “running child, ” demonstrate the sense of freedom and amusement children felt in primary school. It suggests keenness and eagerness of school emphasising the positive experience. The word, “laugh, ” also shows the enjoyment the children believed demonstrating the positive and happy atmosphere with the poem. Yet , the bell may also be a smart symbol that change is just around the corner the poet and starts to include the perception of the poem within the composition.

But , because the bell is being swung with a child it contrasts the bell which signifies lunch time or break demonstrating the sense of freedom and joyous disposition of the poem. OPINION – I feel that through this utilization of personification Duffy really pieces the positive ambiance of the poem and pulls in the visitor through the arousal of our detects. “inky tadpoles changed by commas in to exclamation signifies. ” The metaphor, “inky tadpoles transformed from commas into exclamation marks, ” is very effective when you get the reader aware of the passing of time. The function in the exclamation draw is to emphasize alarm and show that a thing unfamiliar is all about to change. Of course Duffy here is referring to puberty and the beginning of teenage years.

The word, “inky, ” likewise reminds me of ink water wells at school and how they spread throughout your page. This backlinks to the unknown boundaries Duffy is about to have. When tadpoles develop into frogs they is no resemblance together. This relates to Duffy changing physically and shows indications of loss of innocence.

OPINION – Duffy’s make use of this metaphor has dramatic impact and allows you to correspond with it as it is a part of existence that everyone experiences. MEDUSA “grey carriers of my own lungs” The metaphor, “grey bags of my lungs, ” is usually comparing along with grey to the condition of her lungs. The term “grey” suggests something spoiled, decayed, grubby and something which has a disgusting presence.

Next the phrase “bags” makes me consider something pathetic, deflated the other that is pointless. This is effective in talking about the conditions of medusa’s lungs – they are really not very healthier, they aren’t functioning correctly and are losing away. This is because of her depression and how she is spending away.

THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS – Individually I think Carol Ann Duffy’s use of the metaphor is effective in selling the state of her internally. It also arouses my sympathy toward medusa – it must be difficult dealing with her depression. “bullet tears within my eyes” The metaphor, “bullet tears in my eyes, ” is contrasting the power of her look to a bullet. The term, “bullet, ” conveys something dangerous and harmful.

Gives the sense that something is deadly. Next the word, “tears, ” is highlighting Medusa’s emotions and suggests that she is vulnerable. But Medusa has no weak point as her tears (eyes) are lethal hence they can be being when compared to a, “bullet. ” This kind of reflects the power of Medusa’s eyes: they are a deadly tool and can destroy at the sight of these people.

It also allows me to connect with the poem?nternet site too really know what being raise red flags to feels like, it’s an ordinary man emotion. JUDGMENT – In my opinion I think Carol Ann Duffy is very brilliant in disclosing the fact that even though Medusa is crying she isn’t vulnerable. This links returning to the condition of her, although she actually is depressed and heartbroken inside she isn’t weak or perhaps unable to guard herself. “Greek God” The metaphor, “Greek God, ” is assessing the man she is deeply in love with into a Greek Goodness.

The term, “Greek Goodness, ” suggests the man your woman adores excellent and is a great Adonise, therefore making him the most eye-catching and attractive man in all the land. Playing also makes him appear very effective and brave. He is an admirable number to all the other males and people should certainly aspire to be like him. The word, “perfect, ” is also located before the metaphor suggesting that Medusa’s mate has no downside at all. Nevertheless this is a conundrum to what she gets now.

As Medusa thought this person was, “perfect, ” and was a person she experienced strongly fond of, she sees it difficult to acknowledge he isn’t actually ideal. As for him betraying her and going against her, she has began to realise the harm this individual has clearly caused her. Clearly this kind of demonstrates just how in love Medusa experienced with this man making it easier to discover why she is in pain and feels sorrow over what has happened. OPINION – Personally, I do think this is effective as it is simple to relate to.

People have that feeling, that someone special is perfect and like simply no other person in the world. But , in the end you are heartbroken when you find out it’s incorrect. “shield for any heart” The metaphor, “shield for a center, ” can be comparing the capacity of the gentleman to express his emotion into a weapon of defence. Using the word, “shield, ” shows that the man is incredibly defensive and isn’t capable of feeling the emotion of love.

The very fact he isn’t capable of this makes him quite conceited. He is able just to get form young lady to woman and not experience any feel dissapointed about or soreness about giving them. This image may also express that the man she is in love with isn’t open to sense in love or is able to show it. He can’t open up and convey his emotions to other’s as they is so defensive.

As well as this the image may also portray that her lover is very highly effective and reckless because of his “shield for any heart. ” Highlighting he can a very frosty man and incapable of experiencing the feeling of real love. OPINION – I feel that this gentleman is totally wrong. How could somebody feel simply no love to or little or no love to others? It’s disappointing that Medusa believed so highly towards this man yet he can’t return any feelings. “sword for a tongue” This metaphor, “sword for any tongue, ” is contrasting a weapon capable of killing anyone to the strength and power of her lover’s words. They are able to damage someone and cause wonderful harm just like the power of a sword.

That demonstrates the harshness and sharpness of his words like the razor-sharp blade of a sword. Additionally, it once again reflects how arrogant he is as they doesn’t appreciate how harmful his terms are to the girl who admires him atlanta divorce attorneys way. OPINION – Duffy expresses this man’s cockiness very well.

It makes myself see how vicious and hurtful this gentleman really is and personally Medusa has the directly to feel that heartbroken and distraught at what’s happened with her. “Fire spewed from the mouth area of a mountain” The representation of, “Fire spewed constitute the mouth of your mountain, ” is a very effective image. This can be showing the extent of Medusa’s electric power as the lady was able to turn a dragon into a volcano. This is setting up a very violent image which can be reflecting the aggressiveness of Medusas’ functions on innocent creatures.

Carol Ann Duffy, also uses the word “spewed” to highlight Medusa is so harm and angered by what features happened to her. It creates a sensation of disgust in the reader. In addition, it dramitifies exactly what has took place to Medusa and once agai9n conveys her feeling of rage.

OPINION – I feel compassion towards Medusa at this point. This wounderful woman has been tricked by the man your woman adored and was deeply in love with which has brought on her to be on a eradicating spree of killing blameless creatures. STEALING “He seemed magnificent; a tall, white-colored mute beneath the winter celestial body overhead. ” Inside stanza one there is a constant repetition from the letter ‘m’. This alliteration is a smooth sound and creates an eerie atmosphere inside the poem. Additionally, it creates a great eerie feeling within the reader.

This calm sounding stabreim coupled with the single word sentence, “Midnight, ” has a dramatic impact and sets a ghostly and frightening landscape. The word range of, “Midnight, ” also emphasises the placing was late, and dark and was potentially a threatening time for you to be thinking around by itself. This is a great way of placing the sinister tone of the stanza leading up to the initial unusual theft.

OPINION – I thought this is a very effective method of setting the atmosphere in the poem. It aroused puzzle within myself, I believed as though a chill circulated round my body and I was eager to read more. “A fierce chill piercing my stomach. ” Inside the second stanza Duffy makes clever use of the metaphor, “a fierce chill spear like my stomach. ” This is certainly emphasising the cold and angry character of the persona. The words, “Fierce, ” and, “Piercing, ” both present an inner pain within the persona due to this violent vocabulary.

Also carrying on the frightening atmosphere that was created in the earlier stanza. This suggests the boy is quite an extreme person and this idea can be confirmed later on in the poem. This out and out aggression could possibly be a defensive result of the psychological pain this individual suffers inside. The character then simply goes onto say, ” Life’s tough. ” This is certainly a very straight-forward statement that includes a harshness to it. He seems as though he is teaching others a lessons from his experiences.

This conveys he might have had a hardcore, difficult and rough upbringing making him feel like an outcast coming from society. Once again, the harsh strengthen comes across from this statement displaying he had simply no sympathy or perhaps pity toward the people having been hurting. Emphasising how cruel and callous this person in fact is. OPINON – I found this kind of metaphor to become particularly powerful in disclosing more regarding the character in the poem. In a way that arouses sympathy towards the persona because of the hard childhood he has likely experienced.

Nevertheless it doesn’t provide him the right to injury others and cause these people pain. “a mind because cold as the cut of ice cubes within my very own brain. ” The simile, “a brain as frosty as the slice of ice within just my own head, ” provides a person who is extremely numb to emotion and cold-hearted. That reveals that that the youngster likes to think of himself to be unemotional and heatless. The interior rhyme, “slice of snow, “” begins to introduce painful images of the poem which will expresses the anger and hate the smoothness has inside him.

Now the snowman also seems to be a symbol for the cold and loneliness of the persona’s situation. The prior use of the term, “mate, ” shows he craves for the companion with an ice-cold mind, which is unusual because friendship is usually associated with heat. The son is acknowledging that his brain is too full of snow that this individual cannot enjoy true friendship and that he is usually twisted inside revealing deficiencies in compassion. OPINION – Privately I think Duffy has really proven how occasionally people do feel whenever they have had a hardcore life and feel alone within society.

It really allows me to imagine the garbled emotion and “thrill to hurt” that goes about within this boy. “mucky ghost” The metaphor, “mucky ghost, ” is very effective in articulating the persona’s isolation. The word, “ghost, ” is very important. It creates a malicious image emphasising the boy feels alone. He is a hidden person who can meander through people’s homes leaving zero traces. It feels as though he isn’t important and because he is an outcast he needs to “steal” to prove his part in society.

Ghosts are also things that are nonexistent revealing the fact that persona might not even see himself since an ordinary person. This idea is affirmed at the end in the poem when he says, “You don’t even understand a word im saying, do you? ” Reflecting which the boy seems like no-one can easily understand him, he is unique and will regularly be an outcast. By talking about ghost this re-establishes the ominous and frightening ambiance shown in stanza one. Symbolising the isolation this character feels and the chilling setting from the poem.

OPINION – I came across the poets comparison extremely effective. The constant utilization of colours (white and blue) really vivifies the aggression of the persona and his heartless nature. “My breath ripped out in cloths. ” The metaphor, “my breath cut out in cloths, ” is an extreme image and reflects the cruelness and callousness of the persona. The word, “ripped, ” highlights the violent dialect of the poem and provides a dramatic impact on the reader making them feel the discomfort and cool off inside the character. The alliteration and sibilance of the notice “s” again emphasises the cruel and callous nature of the boy. The queue is also segregated by enablement.

This mimics his dried meats, flustered, inhaling pattern as he goes regarding the break down of the abominable snowman. The word, “rags, ” is something withy no value. This echoes both the worthlessness of the character and the worthlessness of the functions he is committing.

He then says, “sick on the planet. ” This for me arouses sympathy as it is almost a cry to get help and wants a better life. He cant cope anymore while using isolation which be the real reason behind the pointless thefts ands the anger inside him. THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS – I had feel empathy for the boy at this time in the composition as until you know what becoming alienated feels as though you cant understand how very much internal pain it triggers you.

On the other hand taking it out on others is not fair which creates detest within me personally for the persona.

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