A Clockwork Lemon: Violence and Corruption

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Alex, the twelve to fifteen year old narrator of Anthony Burgesss novel, A Clockwork

Orange, lives in a society where assault reigns. This kind of novel has a very direct

nature, and it is often straight-forward to the level of offense, but this makes it more

strong and helps to help its level. This point is that everyone is to

themselves, whether they be law enforcement, government or citizens with this society.

With this book, the authorities can be just as violent as Alex great droogs

or perhaps gang. In fact , by the end with the novel, his droogs possess themselves become

the police. The authorities have no qualms about conquering people almost to the level

of fatality as they carry out with Alex both at the beginning, they all had a turn

jumping me in one to the various other like some very weak weakling balland fisting

me inside the yarbles plus the mouth plus the belly and dealing away kicksI was

sickon the floor (70) and at the end in the book to get no different reason than

they want to. It was all panting and thudding from this like

qualifications of whirring farm engines(150) There seems to always be no difference

between the people being crushed by roads punks including Alex and the police

whom are supposed to protect them. The story begins together with the police performing little

to safeguard the people, for how else could a fifteen year old kid and three of

his close friends rule the streets? In addition they seem to thrive on beating Alex for the

reason that they can dont reach do it typically. However , by the third a part of this

publication, crime is nearly non-existent, nevertheless the police is much more intense.

Neither of these scenarios is definitely the better from the two. Actually the police are not

out to help the persons, they want to00 serve themselves. Alex, during his

initially beating, confesses and hands his droogs to the authorities, but the law enforcement do

nothing to capture them. The reason the people are so scared then a bolt

drawn, then the door open an in . or so (19-20) is that they need to be

since no person else generally seems to care about their particular well being.

The us government is not much better. These corrupted people are only

to themselves. They are in electrical power, like it, and want to stay right now there as long

as is possible. To achieve this end they will both tell the people what exactly they want

and then take action for them. An example of this deals with crime. The citizens of

this society are exhausted by it hence the government eliminates it using brutal

tainted cops. Just how that had been cleaned up, there being no longer virtually any

dirty, ballooning slovos (132) Since the Folks are not viewing the offences

of the authorities, they believe the fact that government is protecting these people and so are

appeased. Another sort of this package more immediately with Alex. The individuals

want everyone to be very good and tranquil. The government showing this eliminate a

people free will certainly to be negative. Thus the citizenry believe that the scammers have

been reformed once in truth they have only recently been forced to carry out good, as they did

with Alex. Proper the people understand they choose free is going to, the government

provides this back in Alex. The us government is at the most notable and they like it there thus

they will do anything to stay generally there.

Thought the us government and the law enforcement officials are both extremely cruel to individuals

this does not mean that the people are good. This is certainly shown in many

ways. One particular way is usually that the police had been once prevalent citizens themselves so

that follows that their actions are that of the individuals. Another example of this

consists of one of Alexs former victims. At the beginning of the book, Alex and

his droogs attack an old guy carrying literature. When Alex is produced, this same

old guy beats him in revenge. starting to deal me malenky weak visits in my

abdomen (144) The prey becomes the ttacker. This shows that given a

chance, actually those who are said to be good is going to stoop to the level of the

street punk. Another example of this is demonstrated with the folks who eventually

try to help Alex. F. Alexander, the article writer of the book A Clockwork Orange from

whence the novel is named, does help Alex only

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