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The US food handling business industry offers combined total annual revenue of nearly $25 billion from commercial bakeries and nearly $2 billion dollars from little retail bakeries. There are regarding 2600 commercial bakeries in the usa and 7000 small full bakeries. Some of the leading firms within this industry include Interstate Bakeries and Flower Food as well as more compact divisions including Sara Shelter and Nabisco.

The commercial bakery segment is highly targeted with 80% of the marketplace held by simply 50 huge bakeries. Alternatively, the retail bakery section is highly fragmented.

Larger bakeries dominate industry because they may have greater economies of size in procurement, production and distribution. The industry is likewise characterized by substantial automation. Yet , the end bakery product is generally low benefit and however the stable demand is sufficient to create modest earnings for most players in the market. The most commonly marketed bakery things include cooked breads (white, wheat and rye), rolls, muffins, buttocks, bagels and croissants. Other popular things include cakes, pies, pastries and doughnuts. (Industry Summary: US Food handling business Industry, Hoovers Online)

Competition is hard but difference can be obtained through software. Although baking is a low-technology business, the larger the bakery facilities as well as the more automatic the center the bigger the earnings for that business. This is because in large automatic facilities, labor costs can be reduced considerably and optimum production may be attained. Nevertheless , since food handling business products are quite perishable, significant facilities are only sensible intended for bakeries which may have high sales and do not preserve a great deal of arrays.

Bakeries also face competition from espresso outlets and fast food retailers since a lot of them also carry bakery design products such as bagels, pastries, doughnuts etc . Commercial bakeries again like a commanding position because they can act as suppliers to these shops while smaller sized retail bakeries sometimes need to suffer as customers have more inclination to venture to fast food retailers then to go to a food handling business. Moreover, consumer trends happen to be rapidly changing.

There was a time when the average client desired freshly baked items but now people are willing to buy packaged companies believe that they can be safe, easy and convenient to use. As a result, packaged food handling business snack goods are also snatching the share from price tag bakeries that offer freshly baked products towards the consumers. (US Bakery Trends) Consumer requirements and preferences are also changing constantly. Today, customers are getting to be more health-conscious and demand low fat and fat cost-free products. Moreover, customers are now increasingly mindful and quite educated.

They may have detailed details about nutrition and quality problems and have sophisticated tastes and preferences. This is why the market has seen a growth in non-traditional loaf of bread products including bagels, smooth breads and organic products. Bakeries have had to transform their strategies and their technological capabilities in order to keep up with the changing buyer demands and preferences. (Bakeries and Appetizers: 2005) Bakeries are affected by external factors just like volatile prices of unprocessed trash. Most snacks use elements such as flour, sugar and vegetable oil.

They are global goods with fluctuating prices so it is important for both commercial and retail bakeries to make clever and aggressive purchase decisions. Flour is the primary component in baked goods and makes up about the largest price element to get bakery products. Wheat prices are quite unstable and this may have a significant effect on profit margins. Selling price of rechausser has a related impact and several bakeries include switched from butter to vegetable oil however quality should be maintained to be able to sustain a competitive placement within the sector.

The US bakery industry has a growing foreign trade segment. Because the 1990s export products of US bakery products have been raising consistently. It really is expected that exports individuals bakery products will go over $250 mil by the core decade if perhaps not higher. Some of the core reasons for the growth in export products include increasing incomes, raising populations, developing tourist industrial sectors, reduction in transact barriers and an overall increase in global with regard to baked goods.

The main factors limiting export development are with regard to freshness and transportation limits. However , with the improvement of technology, bakeries are now able to generate products that overcome these types of limitations. In addition, there is always a requirement for cooked mixes, cookies and dough’s that can be conveniently packaged and transported and that have much longer shelf lives. The biggest consumer of US baked goods is Canada. It is a large market and Canadian clients have related tastes to US buyers.

It is estimated that practically half of ALL OF US bakery products are used by Canada. (Clair, Thomas: 1992)


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