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Introducing a new product into the market can be a very difficult process to get organizations with competing businesses of the same target audience. In order to figure out consumer needs, purchasing habit, and specific niche market, product and consumer research is researched in many forms of research. Introducing a new merchandise allows a business many ways to understand consumers and to identify a variety of marketing possibilities.

Because Kellogg Organization introduces a new nutrition cereal bar into a market of high powerful manufacturer products, the business must initial raise the interest of consumers currently associated with the brand itself.

Kellogg Company understands that consumers are moving towards a trendier way of consuming breakfast that consists of away from home consumption such as bagels and snack pubs. Picking up about this trend, Kellogg acquired Lender’s Bagels, the nation’s biggest bagel maker, as well as the cereal large has also joined the nourishment bar segment with its Nutri-Grain Bar (AllBusiness, 1998). Although competitors like Quaker Oats Company and General Mills start to turn into vulnerable to the change in breakfast time consumption, Kellogg performs several studies and research to introduce the nutrition club into the marketplace and wish to stay in front of competing trends (Kellogg Business, 2009). Market research can vary via a simple client survey greeting card to more complex as a across the country survey of sampled individuals. With Kellogg introducing the modern Kellogg, s i9000 Nutrition Food Bar, it can be necessary for the corporation to use research tools to implement the newest product. Kellogg Company will use four research tools that will work best because the company features a new item. Included are primary study, secondary analysis, qualitative ethnographic research and in-store offers and discipline trials.

Comparing and Contrasting Analysis Tools Major research is exploration that is customized for Kellogg Company’s particular needs through the use of proven techniques like analyzing sales developments and other inside company info from which the corporation can gain insight regarding the target market. Primary analysis delivers more specific results based on statistical methodologies. Kellogg can easily research product sales trends between comparable goods in more fine detail to see what has and has not worked for other companies (Aaker, Kumar & Working day, 2007). Kellogg will use major research info that has been accumulated from consumers by way of online surveys and interviews. Primary research data allows Kellogg to find out about the likes and dislikes of shoppers, and what triggers will certainly motivate the principal market to simply accept a new item. Although main research could possibly be time consuming and costly, it can help management determine what products can become tailored to suit consumer requires. Secondary exploration will also be used in Kellogg Industry’s research.

The types of supplementary information that Kellogg may gather incorporate external info, trend reports, market stats, and consumer buying patterns. In-store offers and field trials will allow Kellogg’s to view what consumers think of the brand new product’s preference, look and also all new thought. Secondary studies often a quick and economical way of gathering data that is required while trying to gain a comprehension of the target audience into which usually a company programs to introduce a new product. The qualitative research method involves a researcher dealing with a small mix section of buyers, observing and listening to talks relating to company, packaging, companies advertising as they relate to a specific company. Qualitative research will help a company to spot consumer perception and to be familiar with reasons behind buyer purchasing decisions. Kellogg can able to use qualitative research to develop fresh concepts of family brand products and support consumer statement by locating solutions to ensure that the brand and product design is consistent with the Kellogg group of other goods. The qualitative ethnographic research will be used inside the in-store promotions because Kellogg will be seeing consumer tendencies in the market environment.

This allows company to gather more accurate details from customers regarding choices, attitudes, behaviors and buyer interaction (Aaker, Kumar & Day, 2007). In-store special offers and paths also let Kellogg to inquire consumers queries about what they may be looking for in a nutritional food bar, also to give the consumers a free sample, coupon or perhaps mail-in rebate. In-store promo and field trials may also allow Kellogg to motivate consumers to try the new product. Packaging and position serve as critical factors when doing in-store special offers because these kinds of areas are vital for consumers to experience new features and brand qualities. Allowing consumers to try a item prior to buying helps these to base their particular purchase decisions on flavor and nutritional benefit. While all the exploration tools mentioned will advantage Kellogg Organization as the newest nutritional cereal bar is launched, a few will develop more important results than others. Becoming a food product, Kellogg management will surely gain the most insight into consumer attitudes as well as the target market through in-store special offers and field trials.

This exploration method enables consumers to taste, feel and see the new product on the market setting, rendering pure results from field remark and info collection. In addition , the opportunity to disperse samples, discount coupons and mail-in rebates enables Kellogg to get new customers throughout the research period rather than in the point of product launch into stores. When it comes to Kellogg Provider’s launch in the new dietary cereal pub, primary analysis could prove to be very costly and time consuming as compared to other research methods. Even though an important and beneficial analysis method, using secondary analysis, qualitative research and in-store promotions and field trial offers will allow Kellogg to quickly gain the valuable info needed to kick off the new item without the extra time and charge associated with main research strategies. Marketing research is a key factor in launching new products. Market research provides an understanding of how big a target audience and if new products will resonate with buyers. Kellogg Business has continued to explore the consumption habits of busy consumers to identify how a company’s products fit into their very own daily lives (Kellogg Organization, 2007).

Kellogg Business plans to launch a fresh nutritional food bar which will attract new customers to the healthier and delightful brand, while continuing as a consistent rewarding market push for retailers. References Aaker, D., Kumar, V. and Day, T. (2007). Promoting research (9th ed. ).

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