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We are informed that violence is not the answer, yet our region goes to conflict when we have got problems, It is the best way people and families will be, the answer to everything. I possess chosen to check out the topic family violence/abuse is not really the answer. This theme can be shown in the short tale “boy” by simply Bruce Stewart, “In the rubbish bin” by Apirana Taylor, an absolute story by simply Michelle Manning “its ok” and Harry potter simply by J.

T Rowling At the beginning of Boy, son who is Maori he feels as though he will not belong in his culture “im not a Maori” he gets bullied by school and comes home moaping.

His Dad comes home and sees Young man crying he says to Youngster “Stop being a baby or perhaps I’ll provide you with something to cry regarding “This demonstrates that the Kids dad is included with violence and threats. “Stormed into the room AGAIN and started reaching me with his razor strap”. By this declaring in the story with the phrase “Again” means this isn’t the first time or the last time Young man will see of this razor tie. At the end from the story young man finds his true place where he is supposed to be from his mother’s loss of life.

He is in the hands of his mom’s family and I believe that’s the previous time Young man would have viewed of that razor blade strap. The short story “in the rubbish rubbish bin “it shows the idea that violence/ Abuse can be not the answer. More the mental area than the physical side. We come across this inside the character phillipa. Phillipa whom gets psychologically abused by her mother. Her poor upbringing triggers phillipa to consider a stinky trip to a rubbish container. Imagine just how many children in Fresh Zealand are exactly like her we have more than 1, six-hundred gaming machines and over 95 gaming furniture and that’s by Auckland heavens tower alone.

There are instances were we now have parents going out of kids in cars on hot days and nights just because the mum or perhaps dad when you go have an attempt on the devices and the tables it needs to halt. Why don’t the fogeys stop and think before they do, they must be thinking of their kid’s upcoming and saving up on item’s that they will possess wanted whenever they don’t have the money. Maybe the us government needs a wakeup call and instead of having the casino wide open 24 hours a day, seven days a week generate it much less so we don’t have even more cases of those on the news of kids in sizzling cars and forgotten about.

In the junk bin and boy have similar experience just which has a twist, Kids mother requires one hundred percent proper care of her child and Ruth shows zero appreciation toward Phillipa. The dads inside the story are abusive Boys dad toward boy and Phillipas daddy towards Ruth. The brief story “its ok” as well identifies the theme “family violence is usually not the answer”matt shows that this individual thinks that violence is the answer “sharp hard slaps”, He was hitting her face”, He was damaging her to much now ” demonstrates that Matt is very abusive and he will not likely stop in the near future. Matt features his wife begging him to stop “she was pleading now “stop it! Quit it! “

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