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This is a proposal of marketing search job that is carried out by group A. Bill & Jerry is selected as our search goal company. Inside the first element of this pitch, you can find in depth background information of Ben & Jerry, that gives a difficult description of its several “P” (price, promotion, place and people).

In addition , in addition, it covers a lot of issues regarding the Western european ice cream marketplace. The next component to this proposal is mainly speaking about marketing managing problems.

You could find out Bill & Jerry’s symptoms, suspected causes of it is marketing supervision problems, Ben& Jerry’s activities and its outcomes. Besides that, we outlined several inquiries to help us analyze consumers’ buying behavior and the primary methods we will used in order to complete our review. The routine and sample plan provide you with a full picture of our job progress. Bill & Jerry’s Market Research Qualifications Proposal several Plan of Approach BACKDROP Market and Brand of Choice Intended for the Promoting Research project 2005/2006 we made a decision to do our marketing exploration within the your favorite ice cream industry, in the Netherlands.

Ice Cream industry in the United States developed rapidly, today they have begun to expand all their market to other continents such as Europe and Asia. We can find so many worldwide ice cream brands in European countries, especially in the Holland such as Haagen Dazs, Ben & Jerry’s, and Australian. Among the different international brands that are much more well known close to the world, we are most thinking about Ben & Jerry’s. We have noticed that Bill & Jerry’s is one of the the majority of popular brands one can discover around big cities.

Furthermore, we decided to go for Ben & Jerry’s because all of us will benefit by doing exploration in The Netherlands since Ben & Jerry’s is underneath the Unilever, which can be part of the Unilever Group held by the Netherlands-based Unilever N. V. and UK-based Unilever PLC, and this is one of the biggest consumer product company. Ice Cream Industry Issues Product sales of instinct ice cream will be set to enroll positive value growth of a few. 5% during 2003, reaching a value of EUR 216. 8 million stimulated by good weather at the outset of the summer time and powerful impulse regarding new product development and advertising.

In amount, sales are required to increase by 2%, suggesting a noticeable preference for the higher worth innovations introduced by leading manufacturer Unilever. Much of the growth are believed to be motivated by dairy-based impulse goodies, which is the most popular product in the Netherlands with sales accounting for nearly 70 percent of total volume. Bill & Jerry’s Market Research Background Proposal 5 Plan of Approach Furthermore, the single section dairy ice cream is anticipated to register higher value development in 2003, at 8. %, which lead to enhancing the functionality of past years due to a combination of better weather and intense manufacturer and product promotion. Significant Issues regarding the Brand Ben & Jerry’s are using unique characteristics for brand which have been simple to enunciate, recognize, and remember. The cow and green environment behind their logo is describing their awareness of quality and benefits. Bill & Jerry’s tries to admit their customers that they always use normal and new milk, continue to keep clean and green environment while producing their very own ice cream.

To advertise and to demonstrate their mission, Ben & Jerry’s uses special slogan like “From Cow to Cone”, “Lick Global Warming”, “Organic Ben & Jerry’s”, and “50 Ways to Enhance Peace”. As Ben & Jerry’s target audience is ranging from kids to elderly people (Family), they have to make certain that there is an existence of brand awareness in specific sectors. For kids, they would be more thinking about the ice cream packages or perhaps paper using their favorite cartoons, such as Disney’s characters or Warner Bros.

For adults and elderly people, they would take into consideration more about the nutrition details, taste, and low-fat ice cream. Thus, it can be more interesting so they can see “Organics, low sugars, or reduced fat Ice Cream”. Ben & Jerry’s are applying brand file format to develop all their brand. They may have produced 1, 000 of ice cream tastes under the name of 1 successful manufacturer, which naturally is “Ben & Jerry’s”. They have expanded its manufacturer to organic and natural ice cream, unique ice cream, scoops menu, bars original ice cream, single unique ice cream, and single novelties with different range of taste in each merchandise.

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