Who criticized Marx pertaining to focusing entirely on economics and social class since explanations for human behavior and advocated sociological studies that allowed for multiple impact on?

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Max Weber

The Division of Labor in Contemporary society was the initially many sociological contributions coming from:

Émile Durkheim

Which of the three historical epistemological stages did Comte argue would explain human contemporary society by figuring out the “laws that governed human patterns?

the technological stage

In sociology’s “cousin,  psychology, the focus is on the individual. In sociology, major is apart from the individual, about group-level mechanics and cultural structures.

This can be known as:


The Chicago School’s Jane Addams founded the first American settlement home, an company to help the poor by offering help, educational companies, and more. This house was known as the:

Hull House.

Which modern sociological theory examines just how power human relationships are identified, shaped, and reproduced based on gender dissimilarities?


Robert Merton’s modern sociological theory dedicated to attempting to anticipate how specific social institutions function among microsociology and macrosociology.

This is called:

midrange theory.

Sense discomfort regarding rural China society, wherever many ages of a family sleep inside the same bed, is known as:


Detailing unique instances is the focus of most historians, whereas acceptable method is the staple with the sociologist. This kind of comparative technique is also known as

the nomothetic approach

A female manager is usually attempting to rise her way to the top of the corporate corporate. She happens to be hard, in the event that not harder, than her male co-workers, but nothing she does generally seems to help her advance. The girl begins to notice a design: men are usually promoted, yet women are often overlooked to advance. The understanding that many women in her circumstance happen to be experiencing the same discrimination is an example of

sociological imagination

In the book Tips on how to Observe Morals and Ways, the establishment of matrimony is belittled as

depending on an assumption of the inferiority of women

Which in the three traditional epistemological levels of man society performed Comte make clear was highlighted by Enlightenment thinking including Rousseau’s, Mill’s, and Hobbes’s beliefs in biological triggers for human behavior?

the metaphysical stage

Which in turn feminist sociologist wrote Love-making, Gender, and Society (1972), which asserted that much of what we attribute to biological sex distinctions can actually always be traced to learned actions and socialization?

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Children, as a group of people living together and sharing individual tales, makes up a ____________ organization.


The examination of human tendencies within a logical actor version is the focus of which of the following “cousins of sociology?


Which region within the willpower of anthropology is most a lot like sociology?

cultural anthropology

Which with the following was your first Black to receive a PhD via Harvard School?

W. At the. B. Ni Bois

The author of the text claims that the most age-segregated social establishment in our contemporary society is a:

four-year college.

Which in the following may be the study of social symbolism that stresses subjectivity understand human behavior?

sociological imagination

As defined by C. Wright Mills, which will of the following “enables all of us to grasp background biography plus the relations between the two within society?

sociological imagination

Sociology is definitely the study of:

group-level mechanics and social structures.

Which in the following focuses its analyses on larger social characteristics at the societal and structural levels?


Several postmodern sociologists work showing us how all “facts are created arbitrarily by individuals with varying examples of power. This is known as:

deconstructing social trends

The Philip Morris Company became known as Altria in an attempt to start a fresh:

. social personality.

According to Randall Collins’s (1979) research, the expansion better education is usually:

. a result of credentialism and costs on formal education.

What do representational interactionists study?

shared which means

The intended purpose of desegregation of schools in the 1950s was to generate education equal for everyone. That which was not intended was that many racial group teachers and principals shed their careers. This unintended purpose was called a(n) ____________ function by functionalist theorist Talcott Parsons


To Marx, turmoil between some capitalists and a large number of employees would divide society. This individual referred to this kind of large number of workers as:


Which will of the pursuing founders of sociology is well known, in part, to get his writings providing the theoretical foundation of Communism?

Karl Marx

According to Suicide, one of the main social makes leading to suicide is a sense of normlessness that results coming from drastic changes in society. This kind of normlessness was called:


one particular

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