In point of fact, a single hotel is actually a costly “packaged” with highly expensive automated control and considerable reliability strategy and service; however , other house could have a security guard, who is taking a responsibility intended for the safety by simply checking the situation on the flooring surfaces. Fire incidents at the resorts are one of the common problems, which lead to the fatal and ruinous consequences that may negatively impact guests plus the prestige and reputation of motel.

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For the framework, there is also a case in point from the chain resort named the Radisson, that includes a range of problems particularly with fire security.

The primary target and reason for this statement is to check out the particular difficulty that the lodge faced with, make an essential examination that depending on this issue and suggest relevant solutions to be able to address the situation. For the solution of this problem, there is a need of the managerial theoretical concept regarding the reliability issues and specific way by using research.

In addition , the report involves an example (existing case study) of the resort named MGM Grand, which faced with the similar issue as the Radisson Blu Nice, Portugal. The theory concerning security was proposed by simply Barry Buzan, Ole Waever and Jaap de Wilde in 1998. Their particular approach, including five elements: military, political, economic, environment and societal, can be used for addressing the condition of fire mishaps in resorts, particularly inside the Radisson Lodge Blu, which is located in Great, south of France.

There were some limitations of exploration such as a lack of details regarding the issue that happened inside the Radisson Blu Nice lodge and shortage of information, which is concerning the theory of protection. To begin with, the hotel Radisson Blu is situated in the famous “Promenade des Anglais” Riviera in Nice, England. This motel is a area of the major international organization named Radisson hotels and resorts, which has respected and prestigious position all over the world.

However , on the ninth of 03, 2002, the fire occurred for the 4th floor of the motel Radisson Blu, 237 everyone was evacuated from the heat resource and 13 guests had been poisoned by carbon monoxide gas (newsru. com, 2002). There was a suggestion of two primary causes of fireplace incident such as a short circuit up conditioning in the room and the arson, which was structured in order to avoid a contest among hotels. Apart from the celebration, the motel has its own pros and cons as well as opportunities and hazards.

Convenient location (the hotel is situated in the centre in the city and this point attracts many tourists). * Solid brand positioning (the lodge possesses the manufacturer name of Radisson and a part of Rezidor Hotel Group). * Obligatorio service (highly organized workers provide a pleasant residence a chance to the guests and fulfil guests’ needs). * Constant demand (the hotel features regular friends and guests, which are pleased with the assistance quality and professionalism of the property) Disadvantages: The value of price (due to high taxes in the food industry in France, the price of the services seems to be excessively high, that might affect guests’ preferences). * Deficient secureness strategy (there is a not enough completely organized and planned system way, which can be susceptible for the guest protection). * Deficiency in the support (the hotel does not give additional software program as banqueting, entertainments or shows, seminar halls and others). 2. Food and Beverage concerns (for the five star hotel, Radisson Blu hotel in Nice will not have enough eating places for its customers.


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