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The team analyzed examples for carcinogen-DNA adducts, biomarkers associated with elevated cancer risk, and cotinine, a way of measuring secondhand cigarettes smoke direct exposure. Based on previous findings in animal versions, scientists imagine only one-tenth of the dose of PAH passes from the mother to fetus throughout the placenta. However, the detectives found that newborns received DNA destruction at a rate a bit higher than their very own mothers” (Wood, 2006). In other words, even if a mother would not smoke, the nurse may wish to ask about the patient’s partner’s smoking habit, or in case the patient works in a smoke-containing environment.

The research also found that “detectable adducts were discovered in 45% of the infants and 42% of the moms. Newborn cotinine levels had been higher, 47% in the newborns versus 44% detectable in the mothers, inch despite the screening effect of the placenta (Wood, 2006). “Researchers said the fetal concentration may be because of a decreased capability to clear the biomarker during development, copy from the maternal blood and additional exposure to the harmful chemicals after swallowing amniotic fluid” (Wood, 2006). Explaining to expectant mothers the imperative nature of smoking escale, and stressing the need to limit the contact with second-hand smoking from good friends, partners, and the workplace environment as part of healthier prenatal self-care is therefore also important for rns, to minimize the risk of exposure for the sake of both the baby and the mom.

Sattler challenges that while a nurse are not able to protect an individual from all environmental hazards, nurses need to “put new tools in our nursing toolbox” in terms of preventative strategies, just like informing individuals about environmental health risks to enhance self-care, and underlining the need that taking effective damage-control strategies, while perfect security is not possible is still greater than taking no such actions at all (Sattler, 2004-2005: 2). Of course , to develop the most effective technique to minimize individual exposure, the nursing profession as a whole need to take on an expanded role in enhancing the health of the meals people eat, and the types of chemical substances used in manufacturing and agriculture.

Until then, rns must be ready “to recognize and work with diagnostic labels that identify responses to challenges of toxic publicity, contamination, pollution, infection, and violence in society. Nursing needs to expand its point of view to include diagnostic category that treat the environmental domain name on a wide level” (Green et ing., 2003: 1). One may possibly add, not only in nursing jobs diagnosis, although also treatment. It is not enough to spot the consequences of toxic direct exposure after they occurred. When giving advice into a pregnant female about her diet, a nurse may prefer to guide the affected person away from mercury-containing fish, and provide advice about improving the standard of her environment.

The Orem model is especially useful since it stresses the need for nursing intervention to ideally touch off a new program of better self-care intended for the patient in acts of daily life, including environmental monitoring of preventable toxins and dietary alternation. The doctor facilitates elevated self-care by providing knowledge. Yet because a patient will never possess perfect understanding of possible dangers to his or her health from toxins, a nurse includes a critical position as a teacher. As the potential risks from environmental toxins always escalate, so will the nurse’s role in patient education as well as patient monitoring.

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