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A face-to-face interview was performed of your Masters ready nurse, Mrs. H., to find new knowledge about a role ideal from the interviewer. Taking data from a practicing Masters prepared health professional will help the interviewer develop an understanding of opportunities, career advancement and the practice of someone inside the Master in Science of Nursing (MSN) role. Report on the educational planning, personal knowledge, and successes of a Experts prepared health professional will be discussed. Mrs. L, describes her journey coming from Associates Degree in Nursing through obtaining her Master’s degree in education, and her content masters certificate as a Medical Nurse Specialist.

The interview will develop a comprehension of the MSN in practice.

Interview Selection

The interview picked was the position of the Specialized medical Nurse Professional (CNS) in Critical Care. The interviewer’s knowledge of this role is incredibly limited. Yet , this role is viewed as an educator for a specific unit. Anybody interviewed contains a MSN in education and a post graduate student certificate like a CNS.

This interview was done due to not simply the BING in education, but exhilaration of the CNS post graduate certificate. These positions happen to be held simply by respected members of the breastfeeding profession and hold limitless possibilities.

Job Overview

The interviewed, Mrs. H., has held many different jobs/careers in her life. Upon senior high school graduation, Mrs. H. obtained a job in retail like a sales associate. Through hard work and dedication, Mrs. H. performed her way up to managing in price tag. However , Mrs. H. quickly discovered that full held extended hours and no space for progress without an education. Upon home reflection, Mrs. H. made a decision to go to university and generate a careerchange. Her decision was the girl wanted to assist individuals and make a difference. Mrs. H. obtained her Associates Nursing diploma (ADN) in 1997. During this period, she extended to work part-time in retail in evenings and weekends to earn money. After completion of her ADN, the girl got employment at the neighborhood hospital within the medical-surgical product. She quickly discovered her love of nursing and wanted to carry out more.

Therefore Mrs. L. continued to work in nursing jobs and returned to school and obtained her Bachelor’s Nursing diploma (BSN) in 2002. Upon completion of her BSN, the lady transferred within the hospital into a Surgical ICU unit in which she worked for a couple of years before choosing to go after her Masters Degree in Nursing (MSN). However , just before pursuing her MSN, Mrs. H. was required to take those GRE and get a good score to be eligible for her MSN program. The lady spent weeks studying on her behalf GRE. At some point, when Mrs. H. experienced she was ready, your woman sat for the GRE and was pleased to discover she received the number on the GRE she needed to enter her MSN program.

When continuing to work as much as possible, Mrs. H. returned to school and obtained her MSN in education in 2008. Your woman recalls college, papers, maintaining a family life and handling work being very difficult, but states it makes the incentive of graduating even better. Her MSN offers opened up a large number of doors and opportunities on her behalf, as her career duties continue to expand. Mrs. H. became a leader on her unit and held the title of supervisor/educator intended for the Surgical ICU. The need to continue to master and expand and really make a difference in health care continued to weigh about Mrs. H’s mind, as a result she acquired her Post Masters CNS in Critical Care panel certification in 2013.

Present Position

Mrs. H. provides a variety of experiences as a nurse. Presently, Mrs. H. is in charge of all individual, staff and student education on one with the critical care units. Furthermore, Mrs. H. helps change, write and make policies on her behalf institution. In addition , she participates in several hospital wide committees aimed at sufferer safety, overall performance improvement and nursing proposal.

Mrs. They would. describes her position as you that has changed from helping nursing practice and interpreting information, to just one that performs research and develops paths for care. She says she uses nursing theory, evidenced based practice (EBP), and essential thinking expertise to change nursing jobs care presented throughout the clinic. In addition to her full time function at the clinic, Mrs. L. teaches BSN classes in a local school. Mrs. They would. admits all this would not be possible with no her education, commitment and determination in every area of your life. Her job opportunities “fell into her lap as she explains it. Nevertheless , Mrs. L. will also humbly admit that through her leadership abilities and her educational background, she turned out herself to get worthy of her opportunities.

About more than one event, Mrs. L. stated to never give up. When asked what precisely was designed by that, Mrs. They would. stated to keep in mind that no-one is ever before too outdated to continue their particular education. Furthermore, Mrs. They would. encourages healthcare professionals to be the greatest they can be. Stick to our hearts and don’t hesitate to speak out on patients behalf. Many terms Mrs. They would. said had been interesting, nevertheless most importantly often seek to become the best for whatever it truly is in life.

Bottom line

Inspiring other folks and leading change happen to be attributes of powerful leaders which have been crucial in preparing medical students to get professional practice (Adelman-Mullally, 2013, p. 30). Another important aspect of leadership can be challenging the system to bring regarding desired modify. Both health care and medical education will be experiencing transform that creates unpredictability. Commanders recognize these kinds of challenges and possess the confidence and courage to propose fresh ideas. (Adelman-Mullally, 2013, l. 32).

The profession of nursing as well as the advancement of healthcare are directly linked to effective leaders in medical who hold higher levels of nursing education, pursue superiority in breastfeeding practice, and motivate other folks to perform to a higher standard. All of this is in line with Grand Canyon Universities mission of providing position models through education in order to be effective communicators, critical thinkers and dependable leaders (GCU, p. 1).


Adelman-Mullally, To. (2013). The Clinical Nurse Educator as Leader. Health professional Education Practice. 13(1): 29-34. Retrieved via Grand Canyon University (GCU).

Mission and Vision at Grand Encolure University. Recovered from www.gcu.ed

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